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Focus mitts Perth are basically padded targets for you to punch and kick. They are mainly used by trainers to sharpen up the skills of the person hitting the mitts.

It is important that you remember to choose the correct type of focus mitts for each desired sport, and ensure you choose high quality not only for longer life, but also to protect the user from injury.

You can purchase very high quality focus mitts Perth from our online website, We stock a selection of focus mitts and pads to suit any trainer’s desires and needs in all sports from boxing to Muay Thai.

Our focus mitts Perth are specially engineered for precision striking, the designs give the holder perfect control and catchment of each shot thrown

In fact, it is also worth mentioning that we provide focus mitts Perth at a very affordable price. With us, you can expect extremely high quality focus mitts that are not only comfortable but very stylish as well.