What Fighting Styles Are Best?

A question that gets brought up all the time, our perspective is each holds their own uniqueness as a sport.

Boxing: Like a game of chess, make em miss make them pay! It really is a sweet science of a sport, We believe that in order to be a great fighter you must be good with your hands, you must be confident in striking, and know how to throw decent combinations with your hands.

 Another great thing leant from boxing is footwork, boxers are very light on their feet always moving never standing still, in and out, allowing them to pick shots and counter a lot easier, their punching power also comes from perfect technique which has a lot to do with their footwork and weight transfer.

Head movement is another amazing aspect of a great boxer, and is absolutely amazing to watch, bobbing left, weaving right, slipping, rolling under, to master this takes allot of time and dedication, being able to judge distances and read what your opponent is going to throw honestly takes years to master.

Muay Thai: A very brutal sport that demands respect from people who choose to learn this amazing art, with a different stance to your western style kick boxing, muay thai fighters stand quite tall holding a very high guard, fighting a lot of the back foot, with almost a very calming sway about them, they are extremely balanced allowing them to read their opponents well and to deliver there infamous powerhouse leg kicks.

Thai fighters can be very unpredictable as they have 8 weapons to choose from, with an array of punches, kicks, knees and elbows along with a clinch to deliver, this makes the fighter a very complete package.

Tradition Thais, learn the trade from a very young age, as young as 4-5 years old they are in the gym learning this amazing art, it really is a way of life for a lot of Thai men and women, if you get a chance to visit Thailand we highly recommend that you pop into the many stadiums around there beautiful country and check out for yourself some tradition Muay Thai. 

MMA: The very popular and forever growing mixed martial arts, this sport has seriously gone ballistic over the past decade, from what is was back then to what it is now, is truly unbelievable.

As a fighter the mixed martial artist can be hard to beat, with a selection of artillery from striking to to kicks to wrestling and jiu jitsu makes them a very complete fighter.

Having a good ground game, is a necessity in MMA, you must be able to handle yourself on the ground, sure you may get lucky with your strikes but eventually your opponent with take you to the ground, if you can’t defend take downs or work you jiu jitsu you may be in trouble.

At the end of the day no specific fighting style will always beat the other, obviously the more styles you can master as a complete fighter the better.

But after all this is the fight game and all it takes in one punch or one kick to the right spot and its game over.

So just enjoy whatever you choose, do the best you can and remember respect yourself and your opponents.

Stay humble. GFG.