How Guarded Fight Gear Got Started

Guarded Fight Gear was built from humble beginnings.

We come from a boxing background where at a young age all our training was done from people's backyard sheds. We were taught this sweet science as a sport and self-discipline and focusing on it as a form of self-defense to protect ourselves and give us the confidence we needed as young men.

There was nothing spectacular about training from a backyard boxing gym, but we were treated like family. It was a place to hang with our mates, punch-out our frustrations and learn a lifelong trade that has served us well in many aspects in our lives.

The name Guarded speaks for itself in so many ways. We wanted a brand that was strong, grounded but fierce too. So that when you wore it it felt it was a part of you - like armour, where you are ready to go into battle when you step into that ring.

Our style has street appeal. We are quite bold with a confident attitude and a sense of humbleness. We not only cater for the champs of the world but also the underdogs who have the willpower to overcome any obstacle they face.

We wanted to pride ourselves on 4 main factors.

  1. Comfort
  2. Durability
  3. Affordability
  4. And a downright bad-ass look and design!

We have definitely excelled in all 4 factors with our products. We have used nothing but the best leathers and foams and all designs have been in the prototype stage for a year as we pride ourselves in bringing nothing but the best to industry.

We plan to launch with 6 separate fight gear products. We'll break this down in future blogs to give you guys more in-depth info on what each product offers. 

Here is a very brief over view of our fight products to come.

  1. MAK-10 – All round training glove, used for bag work, pads and sparing. Available in 12 and 16oz
  2. Spar-10. – Designed for sparring only, but can be used for training also. Available in 16oz only.
  3. Grenades – Bag glove only, Available in 12oz.
  4. Focus pads – All purpose.
  5. Head Gear – Half face, high check protection.
  6. TEK-11 MMA Glove, Grappler, designed for sparing and training.

Along with our fight gear products, we will also be dropping our "Built To Conquer" selection of Guarded Fight Gear t-shirts as well as snap back caps. We'll also thrown hand wraps and boxing glove key chains.

Guarded Fight Gear plans to be the biggest player in fight gear products of all combat sports including:

  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Muay Thai
  • and Juijitsu

The fight and combat sport is a forever growing and evolving industry and here at Guarded Fight Gear, we understand what the industry needs and wants are and will offer these elements in according with the latest style and protection technology.

December 2019 is our intended due date for our first product launch. We are very excited to be bringing these products to the world of fighters.

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